Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I get the most from my membership in The Boston Club?  Join a committee!  While there are many ways to benefit from membership in The Boston Club, the quickest path to new friends and contacts is through working on a Club committee or special project.  You’ll get to know other members while helping to fulfill the Club’s mission of developing, promoting and recognizing women leaders.  You can join a committee any time during the year, and you’re encouraged to attend meetings of several committees before you choose.  Many members serve on more than one committee – it all depends on how much time you have to give.

If your schedule doesn’t allow time to join a committee right now (actually, we have so many committees with such varied activities, you can almost always find a fit), take advantage of the Club’s programs and events – with over 30 events a year, you’ll find many that offer useful information, personal insights, and camaraderie at times that fit your calendar.

2) How much are dues in The Boston Club?  Are there any other costs of membership?  Currently, the one-time initiation fee is $650 and annual dues for Regular Members are $600.  Benefits of membership include attending Club programs and events (most at no extra charge), access to the membership directory online, opportunities to join Affinity Groups or be part of our peer-to-peer Mentoring Program, the twice-monthly Dashboard with upcoming events and Member News.  Associate Members (those who live and work 50-plus miles from Boston) pay annual dues of $150.  The Boston Club bills for membership dues twice a year, in July and January.  New members joining during the year are billed for dues pro rated to the end of the Club’s fiscal year (June 30).

3) How do I make reservations for Boston Club events?  Can I bring a guest?  How much does it cost?  How do I pay?  Reservations for scheduled breakfasts, luncheons, dinners or other events, must be made before the deadline given in the event announcement.  These deadlines are based on the requirements of the facility where the event is being held and exceptions cannot be made.  There are varying charges for Boston Club events.  These charges will be listed on the website and on the program announcement describing the event.  Guest charges are billed after each event if not paid at time of registration.  Walk-in and no-show charges are billed after each event.

4) What if I make a reservation for a program, and then find I cannot attend?  A deadline for cancellations is provided in all program announcements.  Members who do not cancel reservations for themselves or their guests by the reservation deadline will be charged for the event.  Members are responsible for their guests' charges.

5) How should I introduce a prospective member to The Boston Club?  The best way to acquaint someone with the Club is to invite her to Club events.  In addition, hosting a small luncheon or breakfast with a few Club members who might share interests with your prospect can demonstrate the value of the networking opportunities the Club provides.

6) How do I sponsor a member?  The process is simple – and explained in detail in “Sponsor a New Member”. You may request a membership application package from the Club Office or you may download the membership application materials from “Sponsor a New Member”.

7) What are the criteria for selection into the Club?  Candidates must have a proven track record of professional achievement at a senior executive level.  Entrepreneurs must demonstrate the viability of their enterprises.  Professional leadership of nonprofit organizations is considered the equivalent of management experience in the for-profit sector.  In addition, all candidates must demonstrate commitment to the advancement of women, involvement in their communities and willingness to help enhance the Club through active participation in its activities.

8) How long does the application process take?  Although the timing can vary, applications are considered quarterly at the Membership Committee's meetings.  Candidates recommended for admission are reviewed at the next Board meeting.  Notice of admission is sent promptly after that Board meeting from the Club's Executive Director.

9) How are people notified if they are or are not admitted to the Club?  The Membership Committee and the Club’s Executive Director notify candidates who are admitted, and their sponsors, by email.  If the Membership Committee does not recommend a prospect, the Committee Chair contacts the sponsor, who in turn notifies the prospect personally.

10) Does everyone who is offered admission to the Club actually join?  Most do, but some do not.  The Club’s offer to join is valid for 60 days.  Our goal is that everyone admitted will join and we hope each sponsor will encourage her candidate to accept the Club's offer.  Even though a candidate is approved and accepted, membership does not begin until the initiation fee and dues are paid.

11) Is it appropriate to discuss the membership dues with candidates before they apply?  Yes, in fact it's a good idea. Candidates should know the financial commitment as well as the benefits of membership before applying.

12) What does the Club do to help new members become integrated into the many facets of the Club?  What is the role of the sponsor?  The Membership Committee is committed to helping all new members integrate quickly into all aspects of the Club.  To that end, we assign Ambassadors to contact new members and encourage them to attend events.  In addition, the Committee has several events each year aimed specifically at new members and providing them a venue to meet current members and learn about Club committees and activities.  These events include quarterly breakfasts for new members, and a reception for new members and sponsors prior to the Club’s Annual Meeting each June.  Sponsors can play a key role in helping initiate new members into Club activities.  We encourage sponsors to accompany new members to events, introduce them to other members, invite new members to explore opportunities with committees and take an active role in the organization.  Women who become active in the Club in the first two years of membership are more likely to stay members for the long-term than women who do not.

13) Are there groups of women who are underrepresented in the Club from which we should be actively seeking candidates?  The Club is committed to maintaining and increasing the ethnic diversity of the membership.  The Club is also actively seeking women who have significant experience in biotechnology and the life sciences, and higher education.

14) Can a woman who is in career transition be a member of the Boston Club?  Women in transition whose careers demonstrate the achievements we expect of others are welcome in the Club.

15) How can I Place a Listing in the Executive Job Bank?  To obtain a Job Listing Form:  Contact The Boston Club Office at 781-639-8002 or [email protected]

16) How can I learn how to use our MemberClicks database?  Click here for a downloadable guide.