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Bikes Not Bombs ( uses the bicycle as a vehicle for social change. It reclaims thousands of bicycles each year, and create local and global programs that provide skill development, jobs, and sustainable transportation. Its programs mobilize youth and adults to be leaders in community transformation. Each year it collects roughly 5,000 used bicycles and tons of used parts from supporters around Greater Boston and New England, and ships most of these bikes overseas to economic development projects through its International Partners in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Some of the bikes are re-purposed in Youth Programs where teens learn bicycle safety and mechanics skills in the process of earning bikes to keep for themselves. It also has a retail Bike Shop which reconditions and sells some of the donated bikes received, while employing many graduates of its programs. The Shop's profit from the bicycle sales, parts sales, and repairs goes towards funding youth and international work. As a community, Bikes Not Bombs addresses the root causes of inequality, violence, and oppression. It supports the self-empowerment of individuals and communities as a means to achieve sustainable, effective social change. No previous board experience required.  Interested candidates should contact: [email protected]. (04/15/2019)

Engaging Schools is seeking a new Treasurer as a member of their Board of Directors.  Founded in 1982, Engaging Schools is a national nonprofit organization based in Cambridge, MA that collaborates with educators to create school communities where each and every student develops the skills and mindsets needed to succeed and make positive contributions in school, work, and life. It partners with schools and districts to address the particular challenges of middle and high schools, with a focus on the integration of academic, social, and emotional learning and development. Engaging Schools is well-known for providing research-based professional learning and resources with practical strategies. It supports a shift in systems, policies, and practices and fosters classrooms and schools that are safe and supportive, engaging and inspiring, and challenging and equitable. Services and resources address: • instructional practice and classroom management • discipline and student support • climate and culture • advisory programs. The Engaging Schools' Treasurer is a member of the board of directors, will chair the finance committee and serve on the executive committee.  The Treasurer has a primary responsibility for overseeing the finances of the organization.  This includes playing a leading role in ensuring that Engaging Schools complies with all laws and requirements related to sound fiscal management, monitoring the financial operations and health of the organization, and reviewing the audit, financial reports, and the Engaging Schools annual budget before they are presented to the board for approval. Interested candidates please contact Åsa Fanelli [email protected] (08/08/2019)

Ibis Reproductive Health (  nonprofit sexual and reproductive health research organization. Our mission is to drive change through bold, rigorous research and principled partnerships that advance sexual and reproductive autonomy, choices, and health worldwide. Ibis has 37 staff members located in three offices (Cambridge MA and Oakland CA, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa) and expand our impact by working with partner organizations in 32 countries, including the US. We focus on expanding access to safe abortion care, contraception, and sexual and reproductive health information and services.  Two of our key current projects are making an oral contraceptive pill available over-the-counter in the US and establishing abortion service quality measures that can be used internationally. Our budget of about $7 million is largely funded through grants from private foundations. Ibis is financially stable and has recently experienced significant growth in funding and staff.  Ibis seeks a Board member with financial expertise, interest in or experience with non-profit organizations, and a commitment to our mission. Our Board of about twelve includes leading US researchers in the field of sexual and reproductive health, as well as public health professionals from the UK and sub-Saharan Africa. Many Board members have significant budget management responsibilities in their professional roles, and one current member has had a career in the financial services industry. We are seeking to expand the depth of financial expertise among Board members and build a pipeline of leadership for the Board’s Audit and Finance Committee. The Board has two all-day meetings per year. Dinners held the night before meetings have built a sense of community and common purpose. One meeting per year is usually held in Cambridge and one in either New York or Washington D.C. Ibis reimburses Board members for their travel costs. The Audit and Finance committee has an approximately 1-hour meeting, by conference call, each quarter. These calls include the review of reports prepared by staff and an annual presentation by an independent auditor. We are excited to bring new perspectives and voices to the Ibis Reproductive Health Board, and if you share our commitment to global human and reproductive sexual and reproductive rights and justice and have experience working in a finance-related field, please reach out to us. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Kelly Blanchard, President, at [email protected] or Martha Williams, Director of Finance and Administration, [email protected].  (04/12/2019)

L’Ecole Des Enfants, Inc. is a startup nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of, and actively resolving, the tumultuous conditions facing young children in Côte d’Ivoire and surrounding West African nations. In Côte d’Ivoire, a country still reeling from the civil war  and the post electoral crisis in 2011, children face malnutrition and a lack of access to education. With 46% of the population in Côte d’Ivoire living below the poverty line, children are often the first to suffer despite having the most to lose. L’Ecole Des Enfants seeks to address these issues by building Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf schools in under-served areas. The schools provide a safe space for children to receive education according to the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner and to explore who they came here to be, learn practical life skills and receive a morning snack and a hot meal per day. L’Ecole Des Enfants wants to develop responsible individuals who function well in their communities. In addition to the traditional elementary curriculum, students will have access to lessons that will assist them in becoming self-sustaining individuals, such as lessons in agricultural skills and the arts. By targeting young children, L’Ecole Des Enfants will lay the foundation for a new generation to create a new reality for themselves and their families. The first school opened  in Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire, September 10, 2018. Bouaké is the second largest city in Côte d’Ivoire with a large discrepancy between the population of youth and available elementary school opportunities. Once we have established our school(s) in Côte d’Ivoire, L’Ecole Des Enfants may expand to neighboring West African countries where children face similar adversity.  For more informaton, contact Asa Fanelli at [email protected] (04/24/2019)

MEDIAGIRLS ( is seeking a board member with experience in finance to serve on their board starting in fall 2019. MEDIAGIRLS teaches girls and young women to analyze and reject sexist media messaging, know their true self-worth, and harness the power of social media for positive social change. In giving girls these powerful tools, MEDIAGIRLS stands at the forefront of a girl-powered revolution to make over the media through challenging the status quo and creating empowering content for girls and young women everywhere. They focus on social media platforms, like Instagram and YouTube, because girls dominate this space in numbers, and can create immediate change. They provide multi-week programming for teen girls taught in schools; stand-alone workshops on Girls & Social Media provided at schools and girls’ organizations such as Girl Scouts Eastern Massachusetts; parent and educator talks on Girls & Social Media, provided at corporations and schools. Original content that includes conversation starters, strategies and resources for parents and educators on our website for free.  MEDIAGIRLS is looking for a finance expert who is enthusiastic about the mission. In addition to regular board member duties, responsibilities will include making financial information available to board members and the public, working with Board Chair, the Executive Director and bookkeeper to assist in the preparation of the quarterly and annual budget, and helping to develop fundraising plans along with the Development Committee. Interested candidates should contact Board Chair, Michelle Cove, at [email protected] and attach a resume. (06/05/2019)

Nurtury (, formerly Associated Early Care and Education, gives Greater Boston’s youngest children in need, birth to age five, the opportunity to reach their full potential by investing in school readiness, promoting healthy development and strengthening families. Nurtury is an innovative early education and care agency that helps families put their children on the path to quality education and a lifetime of learning.  Its work is driven by the belief that when you nurture a child, you nurture a community. Nurtury has a long and distinguished history as a leader in the early education landscape.  Founded in 1878 as a nursery for working mothers, Nurtury became New England’s first education and care agency.  Since that time, Nurtury has transformed childcare to include both the delivery of high quality educational programming that promotes child wellbeing and school readiness and family engagement services that support parents as first teachers and advocates.  This organization has a budget of $18.8M. Interested candidates should contact  Åsa Fanelli [email protected] (04/15/2019)

Seeding Labs ( is a Boston-based 501c3 nonprofit organization accelerating solutions to the world's most pressing problems by investing in scientists in the developing world. They identify a pipeline of talented scientists and build a coalition of partners to invest in them, providing tools, training and connections to the global science community to remove barriers to scientific discovery for talented researchers in the developing world. Seeding Labs flagship program is Instrumental Access. They start with providing reputable universities and research institutes in developing countries with the tools and equipment they need to fully participate in the global science community. All equipment is donated by donors from their surplus, overstock, or traded-in items. Instrumental Access enables scientists to unleash their full potential. They utilize the resources often taken for granted and use them to level the playing field overseas. Instrumental Access has a strategic and rigorous process for screening applicants as well as equipment. And the equipment they provide is only the beginning of the support they can offer.  Once they have connected tools and talent, they make sure those scientists have the infrastructure, training, manuals, journals, and available answers to get the highest and best use of the equipment. No prior board experience is required. Interested candidates should contact [email protected]. (04/11/2019)

Silver Lining Mentoring (  Founded in 2001, Silver Lining empowers foster youth in Greater Boston to thrive through committed mentoring relationships and the development of essential life skills. They provide long term one-to-one mentoring and life skills development for young people who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Volunteer mentors are often the only adults in our youth’s lives who are not paid to spend time with them.  Silver Lining Mentoring is the only mentoring organization in Massachusetts that exclusively serves youth in foster care. We serve youth ages 7 and older through Mentors, our one-to-one mentoring program, and through Leaders, our life-skills program for young people ages 14 and older who are preparing to “age out” of the child welfare system. No prior board experience required.  Interested candidates should contact [email protected]. (04/11/2019)

Starbucks Women’s Impact Network ( A unique opportunity to join the Starbucks Women’s Impact Network (WIN) board as part of their Boston-based community partnership.  They are looking to expand beyond Starbucks employees and are in need of community members and women leaders who can partner with them to elevate their impact, expand their reach and serve the community. The WIN mission is igniting the power of women through partners, allies and community. These networks provide ways for partners to engage in the work of diversity, inclusion and accessibility. Through these networks, partners with shared interests in areas such as race, gender, accessibility and sexual orientation address serious issues and celebrate special achievements. They are looking for Boston Club women to join their WIN as part of their community outreach. Interested candidates should contact [email protected]. (04/15/2019)

Young Audiences of Massachusetts (  The mission of Young Audiences of Massachusetts is to educate, inspire and empower the youth of Massachusetts through the arts. They believe that every child, regardless of background, talents or special needs, deserves access to the rich educational opportunities inherent to arts learning.  This past year, they reached more than 130,000 students in 160 communities.   They seek out master performing and teaching artists in dance, music, storytelling, literary arts, theater, puppetry, visual arts and design.  They then vet, evaluate and support their programs, and partner with schools, education sites and healing centers to facilitate learning through the arts. Their  work also includes training for teachers and teaching artists, and community advocacy for arts education.  The result is the delivery of unique arts programming that meets the highest standards of artistic quality that is also age and state curriculum appropriate for the young audiences we serve.  Over time, programming has moved beyond school day assemblies to include year-long residences in underserved neighborhood schools, an early childhood literacy through music program at homeless shelters and an award winning healing arts program.  They are also a member of our National Young Audiences, Arts For Learning network,, which consists of 30 affiliates nationwide, making it the largest arts education network in the country. No prior board experience required.  Interested candidates should contact Salina Ferguson at [email protected]. (05/09/2019)


Chorus pro Musica ( has built a superb reputation as one of the great choruses of New England. Known for innovative programming and high-quality performances, Chorus pro Musica has collaborated with such famed organizations as the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Philharmonic, the Boston Ballet, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. In recent years, the chorus has sung at Symphony Hall, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. The chorus consists of more than 80 highly talented musicians selected by audition. Repertoire consists of choral music from the Renaissance to the present, with emphasis on new and rarely performed choral music, as well as major works in collaboration with other music organizations. The Chorus was founded in 1949 by the late Alfred Nash Patterson, one of the most influential forces in choral music in New England, and quickly built a superb reputation for its professional-level musical standards and innovative programming. The chorus has twice received Grammy nominations for recordings made with the Boston Symphony Orchestra on the RCA label. Chorus pro Musica's dedication to new and rarely performed choral music has resulted in numerous Boston premieres, several American premieres, and at least two world premieres; the Poulenc Gloria and the Britten War Requiem. Prior board service not required. Interested candidate should contact Asa Fanelli at [email protected]. (02/05/2019)

Cultured Kids ( Cultured Kids mission is to design and create multicultural curricula that model and teach cultural empathy, respect, and understanding. These are the characteristics that will yield remarkable professional, social, and personal success in the next generation of world leaders and global citizens. There three main focus areas: a project based learning program for middle/high school students called Kids Fund Kids, multicultural education programs for pre-school/primary school age children, and uniquely designed programs that will support cross cultural kids (children of immigrants/refugees, international adoptees, Third Culture Kids, etc). The target population primarily includes local schools, but they also serve local community centers, libraries, etc. The organization is based in the Boston area but they do intend on future expansion nationally and globally. Their Kids Fund Kids program is currently in an initial pilot program with a teacher in Michigan and once completed, assessed, and defined will be launched nationally. Annual budget is $20K. Prior board service is not required.  Interested candidates should contact [email protected]

( ): The mission of Interise is to promote the economic revitalization of lower-wealth communities through business growth, job creation, and community leadership development.  Interise targets established growth-orientated business owners who have been in business at least 3 years, have at least 2 employees, and annual revenues of $300,000.  In addition to working in Massachusetts, Interise works through a national network of partners in 46 states and two U.S. territories.  Interise has grown over 6,000 small businesses in 91 communities across 76 cities.  Since 2008, they have secured over $3 Billion in contracts, supporting the retention or creation of 63,000 jobs.  78% of these businesses are either located in a low-income community and have a minority or woman owner. Prior board service is not required. Interested candidates should contact   Åsa Fanelli [email protected]

LEAP for Education, Inc. ( ) empowers low-income and first generation youth and young adults, ages 11 through 24, to achieve at higher levels in middle school and high school and go on to graduate from college prepared for a career that matches their strengths.  LEAP is an acronym for Learn Explore Aspire and Pursue. LEAP for Education’s youth programs have been providing students with academic and social-emotional support since 2003 and have served over 1,000 youth.  LEAP currently has 400 students in its various programs in Salem, Peabody and Gloucester.   Students who spend at least 2 years with LEAP and enroll in our College Success Program have 100% high school completion and 100% college enrollment rate. Of our students that go on to college, we have an 85% achievement rate of a post-secondary credential.  One of the goals of our organization is to continue to grow the student enrollment and to expand services into other gateway cities north of Boston.  LEAP for Education is seeking to add new board members who will serve three-year terms with up to three renewals.  The “ideal candidate” will have experience in governance and finance.  As the board grows, we will also need expertise in development, marketing and education.  Prior nonprofit board service is not required.  This is an ideal opportunity for TBC members based on the North Shore. If you are interested, please contact Linda Saris at [email protected] or 978-740-6667 x109

New England Philharmonic (NEP) at  was founded 38 years ago. NEP has the mission to perform the music of living composers in concert with the traditional repertoire.  The orchestra performs 4 concerts each season, which are recognized by music critics for their high quality and for the distinctive and interesting programming by Music Director, Richard Pittman. In addition to the performances, the orchestra is unique among orchestras our size in supporting new music by sponsoring a Call for Scores Competition, a Young Artists Competition, and a Composer-In-Residence.  NEP is seeking to expand its reach and audience. In order to achieve it’s potential, NEP needs to grow the board by 4-5 new members to help with marketing, outreach to the community and fundraising. The Music Director manages the music side of the orchestra (programming, rehearsals, arranging for soloists, selection of Call for Scores winner and Young Artists Competition winner, etc.). The board manages the business side.  We are therefore looking for people with sound business judgment. While we are not looking for any specific talents, experience in areas such as financial reporting, marketing, promotion, event planning, fundraising, and law/governance would be very helpful to our efforts. No prior board experience is necessary to join this dynamic organization. If you are interested or have questions, please contact  Åsa Fanelli [email protected]

OPERATION A.B.L.E. of Greater Boston ( ) Founded in 1982, Operation A.B.L.E  (Ability Based on Long Experience) is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide employment and training services to economically, racially, and occupationally diverse individuals age 45 and older. In addition to serving Greater Boston, Operation A.B.L.E. also serves mature workers in the following counties: Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Worcester. Operation A.B.L.E. is looking to add one board member for a three year term with up to three renewals. The ideal candidate will be a champion of the mature worker and understand the barriers/challenges that mature workers encounter. Operation A.B.L.E. is looking for candidates with expertise/skills that will be useful to the organization such as human resources, public relations, marketing, technology, politics, financial or legal. Prior nonprofit board service is not required. QUESTIONS OR INTEREST: Åsa Fanelli [email protected]m

PLAN ( of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Inc. PLAN is a nonprofit organization that proudly serves people with disabilities of all ages and their families throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. PLAN’s professional special needs pooled trust services preserve financial assets and ensure appropriate care is provided while maintaining access to public benefits. The organization was founded in the 1960’s by families and parents recognizing the need to plan for the intergenerational responsibility of care of family members with special needs. Today PLAN manages more than $50 million in beneficiary assets for more than 900 individuals. Interested candidates should contact  Åsa Fanelli [email protected]. (03/23/2019)

Raising a Reader, MA (RAR-MA) is an evidence-based, early literacy and family engagement organization that supports parents with young children (birth through age 6) to build a literacy-rich home environment that fosters language, reading, and school readiness skills. Through targeted community partnerships, parental outreach and training, and a weekly book-sharing program, the organization's objectives are to 1) increase low-income children’s access to books, 2) encourage families to create a regular routine of sharing books, and 3) teach parents to read aloud with interactive strategies that build vocabulary and other early literacy skills. These efforts help families develop a daily routine of reading aloud and teach dialogic reading, a specific type of interactive book sharing. The vision is to empower all parents and caregivers as agents of change, as their child’s first teachers, to eliminate the opportunity gap that impacts success in school and beyond. RAR-MA’s work, which simultaneously increases access to books and provides families with tools for strengthening the culture of reading at home, is driven by more than 30 years of research that correlates high rates of family book sharing with kindergarten readiness. RAR-MA serves Boston and 10 Gateway (high need) Communities in Massachusetts, reaching over 10,000 families annually. Raising A Reader MA is a small organization and relies on board members to share their opinions, network, ideas, and expertise to help spread the mission as an early literacy nonprofit. A passion for books and a shared love of empowering young minds is a plus and networking and fundraising skills are appreciated. RAR-MA is currently searching for 2 new board members. Board members are asked for an annual financial support of $5000 (give or get). The organization is also recruiting a few advisory members (non-board) for their program committee, specifically with education and research backgrounds to help steward the mission and shape their evaluation strategy. Contact Åsa Fanelli [email protected] (11/08/2018)  (10/25/2018)

RIA House ( RIA House, Inc. – Ready.Inspire.Act is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Framingham, MA with an ancillary office in downtown Worcester, supporting and standing with adult women with experience in the commercial sex trade & associated trafficking. No prior experience required.  Interested candidates should contact Heather Wightman at [email protected]. (10/25/2018)

cience Club for Girls ( SCFG fosters excitement, confidence and literacy in STEM for girls from underrepresented communities by providing free, experiential programs and by maximizing meaningful interactions with women mentors in science, technology, engineering & mathematics. Since its founding in 1994, Science Club for Girls (SCFG) has provided the very best in girls-specific programming by connecting girls in K-12 grades, especially those from underrepresented groups, with female mentor-scientists through free science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in a fun, nurturing, interactive environment. Our club-based model fosters both scientific thinking and sisterhood for our youngest participants.  Our teen leadership programs give girls the opportunity to be role models, teach young children science, learn life skills, conduct science research in applied settings, and explore careers in science and technology. No prior experience required. Interested candidates should contact Executive Director, Bonnie Bertolaet at [email protected]. (03/05/2019)

Teaching and Learning Alliance (TLA) ( TLA’s mission is to ensure that all children, irrespective of background, receive the educational preparation necessary to become successful, thoughtful and engaged citizens. This mission is accomplished by forging enduring partnerships with PreK-12 school districts where we co-construct and deliver fully-customized, research-based professional development for teachers, administrators, and school-based coaches. TLA works with schools to co-create fully-customized professional development in defined areas. TLA believes in differentiated instruction for students, so professional development services must be differentiated as well. TLA Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization toward a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance, informed, forward thinking, strategic planning and guidance and fiscal management as well as by making sure the nonprofit organization has adequate resources to advance its mission. No prior board service required.  Interested candidates should contact JoAnn Cavallaro at [email protected]

Victim Rights Law Center ( - The Victim Rights Law Center (VRLC) was established in 2000 as a project of a rape crisis center to fill a critical void in services for sexual assault victims who needed a free attorney to help them stay safely in their schools, jobs, homes, and the country. The VRLC became a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2003 as the first nonprofit law center in the nation solely dedicated to serving the legal needs of sexual assault survivors.  It has offices in Massachusetts and Oregon. The VRLC’s mission is to provide free legal representation to victims of rape and sexual assault to help rebuild their lives and to promote a national movement committed to seeking justice for every rape and sexual assault victim. The target population is sexual assault victims with legal needs related to the assault. VRLC prioritizes legal services to vulnerable populations such as children, college students, LGTBQ individuals, people of color, low-income individuals, individuals with disabilities, and people Limited English Proficiency. More than half of their clients are sexual assault victims under the age of 24. The VRLC also trains pro bono attorneys and other professionals to improve the response to sexual violence. VRLC has trained in every state and U.S. Territory. The organization has an annual budget of about $2.4M. No prior board service requested.  Interested candidates should contact Stacy Malone at [email protected]

Women’s Empowerment through Cape Area Networking (WE CAN at, based in Harwichport, has empowered Cape Cod women through mentoring, information, education, networking, and support since 2001. WE CAN provides services to thousands of women of all ages undergoing life transitions. Its practical services foster independence and empower women to create lasting, positive change for themselves, their families, and ultimately, the entire community. It has an annual budget of $750,000, and provided services to 2700 individual people last year, resulting from 15,000 phone calls and walk-ins, with many repeat contacts. Current sources of support for WE CAN include fund raising in the Community, grants from foundations, event revenue and corporate grants. The board meets quarterly in Harwichport and/or Hyannis, and is an active working Board. A new board member is sought to fill the role of HR Committee Chair, which is to anticipate HR issues, and provide advice, counsel and strategic direction to the Executive Director and the Board President on a number of HR issues. This includes having at least one meeting per quarter with the HR Committee of the Board to discuss compensation issues and compensation planning, changing legal regulations that affect employers, assisting the Exec Director on career planning for the team, selection, morale issues, performance management, employee development and any other HR issues that present themselves in the course of the year. The candidate should have a solid experience in several aspects of Human Resources, such as selection of talent, talent development, organization structure insight, up to date knowledge of employment issues, compensation, policy, employee relations, organization development, and performance management. The successful candidate will have counseling skills, organization development skills and the ability to advise both the Executive Director and various Board members as the need arises.  Ideally the candidate should have knowledge of the Korn Ferry suite of Leadership Competencies. Coaching experience would also be an asset for this role. Prior nonprofit board service is not a requirement. If you are interested, please contact Janet Weatherbe (the outgoing HR Committee Chair) at 508-367-9979 or [email protected]  (12/20/2018)

World Music/CRASHarts
Since its launch in 1990, World Music/CRASHarts mission has been to present the finest traditional and contemporary performing arts from around the world to the broadest possible audience, and to engage individuals in their community and civic life through related artist based educational programs. World Music/CRASHarts strives to create one-of-a-kind experiences brought about by the interaction of artists and audiences. Performing arts is embraced as a basic form of communication and an essential part of the expression of one’s humanity and full participation in society. It is World Music/CRASHarts vision for World Music/CRASHarts to bring the transformative power of the arts to a truly diverse audience. They believe artistic experience is enriched when it gives people of all cultures the opportunity to have an effect on one another through the freedom of self-expression and the exchange of ideas. Recognized as New England’s premier presenter of global music and dance, World Music/CRASHarts presents over 60 concerts each year in various venues throughout greater Boston, and reaches a diverse audience of 45,000+ annually. Artists represent cultures from the far and near corners of the globe offering bold and adventurous programming in world music and dance, contemporary dance, jazz, and global indie. Each season educational programs and special engagement activities are offered in conjunction with performances featuring the artists we present. For 27 years, World Music/CRASHarts has answered a need for cultural programming that reflects today’s global community, and provides a platform for artists to share their creative endeavors. The organization has an annual budget of $2.5M. Interested candidate should contact [email protected] (10/25/2018)
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